The studio is centered in the cozy Wellness area away from the hectic part of the Shopping Mall.

Around us we have our lovely hairdresser and Sun Tanning Center as neighbors. Here we can fully concentrate to make beautiful artwork on your body. In the studio, we have 2 stations for our artists with an area for drawings and paintings. The Studio is inspired and covered with art and paintings from our very well own artists.

We are one of the very few if not the only one that are open all week.

We are fully equipped with the latest technology within the industry to ensure an efficient, professional and hygienic service to our customers, as well as guests. The Helpful front staff and artists will help advise you and guide you through out your tattoo and piercing experience.

We use the newest tattoo machine with original needles and best piercing instruments.

All piercing equipment goes through autoclave and ultra sound sterilization – so put simply – hygiene equipment is maintained and tested on a regular basis. All needles, supplies, products that we use to make your tattoo/piercing are brand new 1 time usage to keep all risk at minimum

We use only fresh inks of the highest market specification (contact us for further details regarding brand, vegan, allergy etc.), which are poured into new disposable ink caps. No surplus ink is at any time re-used. Tattoo Artists wear gloves at all times and make multiple glove changes per client as necessary. Any item that may be touched during the tattoo process is covered in disposable plastic film to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant after each client

The artists love to do any projects. Even the smallest can be the prettiest and most unique. Big pieces and projects are just different and more demanding regarding design and size.

For any enquiries please call or simply pop into reception whereby in most cases, time permitting, we will be able to offer you a free consultation on your tattoo or body piercing needs…Please bear with us in busy times, we will give our full attention to every customer to the best of our ability.

We really want to do our very best so in which case we recommend to book in a time to have a free consultation with our artists for help or just questions with your design.

The artists


Maia Poppy

Tattoo & Piercing Artist

Maia has been tattooing for 6 years as professional tattooist and as body piercer for 10 years in Leicester, UK and in Portugal and Denmark. There haven’t been any piercings that were too difficult for Maia. She can make them all. Love to make unique tattoos in all styles and sizes.

Babis Kretsis

Tattoo design/Artist

Babis has been tattooing professional for more than 15 years. He is a professional painter murals with a degree in School of Fine Arts. Specialized in Black & Grey/Color realism, portrait, diverge geometry, free hand free style and cover ups. have worked in Greece, France, England. He is also doing street art, sculpture, aerography, portraits, decorative painting and animation.


Trung Nguyen

Studio Owner

Trung has been working in the industry as shop manager for 3 years.


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For appointments, prices or further info please either pop in, call +45 53 38 83 93 or send us an email


Phone:   +45 53 38 83 93




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