Piercing price:     Ear from: 200    –    Face from: 400   –   Belly from: 500   –   Intimacy from: 450


Tattoo price:

The minimum charge for a tattoo at Master Tattoo Studio is 500 DKR. It is possible to give advice on designs received via email and arrange consultations/appointments, providing there is a clear image and information. We can never give you a 100% exact price through mail and Facebook. We can give you a price range within a certain amount but to get an exact price and offer we will need you in the shop or we can tell before we start the tattoo

For all smaller projects, we take all price by piece. So send us all information like, size, placement, color usage, details and picture as reference if you have.

For all bigger projects, we need you to come by the shop to give you are more exact price and offer.

Deposits will be taken off the final price of your procedure/tattoo, but are non-refundable as soon as the artist starts on the design and 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule. A deposit range can be from 500 – 1000 depending the size of projects. Deposits should be paid at the studio at the time of booking or through mobilepay.


Gift cards: Spoil yourself with the best present or any of your love ones.


We only accept cash payments (Dkr, Euro, Swe, Nor, Dollars) at the studio at this time. The value is what is current in the exchange company www.forexbank.dk