The Law says about tattoo:

  • We are not allowed to tattoo any that is under 18
  • We are not allowed to tattoo on the neck, head and on hands

Studio rules

  • We need to see picture-ID. It has to be driver license, passport and not student ID, etc.

If you don’t have we can refuse you at any time.

  • We don’t want to refuse anyone, but accept a no from the studio if we do not want to make the work on you for good reasons.


Ethical reason we don’t to make your tattoo

  • We don’t tattoo on people that have taken any form of alcohol/drugs
  • We don’t make racist or other symbols of same meaning
  • We advise all that just turned 18 not to make their lovers name
  • Small lettering/text tattoo that are too small and doesn’t look good after 1-2 year

The law says about piercing: 

There is no law restriction on the age for piercings.

Studio rules

  • We do not make piercings for any under 15 unless if you have them with you into the shop with their approval. So, we will know that your guardian will help take care of the piercing.